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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Are you desperate to make extra money?

You come across many websites and blogs and also see many advertisements on how to make extra money. Have you ever wondered why there are so many advertisements online on how to make extra money? Does this mean that there are many people looking desperately for extra money?

One of the purposes of this blog itself is to analyze how people make money online. Some years before, I have wondered why there are so much talk about making extra money. Why people need so much money? What they will do when they have extra money? Is there any limit for money?

I have seen at some discussion forum, some questions like "Are you desperately looking for money?" Probably the questioners might not have an intention to use the word desperate in its literal meaning. Still, even now, such discussions prompts me to think about the desperate factor in money making.

Are you really desperate to make extra money? Or if you can't make the extra money would you plunge into a desperate mood?

Keeping a mindset or attitude to make extra money is not a sin. You may be making good money now itself. The desire to make money is a basic instinct. I will say everyone should possess such an attitude. Though you are rich now, try to earn more. It is human tendency to perform still better and achieve still higher goals in life. This desire acts as a catalyst in individuals to make more money. some people may be making good money now itself. You may wonder why they need to earn still more.

If you have more money, you can spend or you can help those who need more money. If you are already satisfied with the money you make at present, you can donate the extra money to some charity in your country or send money to charity organizations doing voluntary work in other countries.

What I want to stress is having feeling for making extra money is quite normal. It is not at all a desperate feeling. Also it is not a sign of a desperate money monger. We need to look for all possible ways to make extra money.

We should not get desperate on the process of making extra money. If you feel depressed when you face failures, then that is not a healthy behavior. Making extra money should be a hobby. You can desperately search for making extra money, let that be through doing real offline jobs or doing online jobs.

Desperately searching for money is not a sign of deviated behavior. Making extra money is an adventurous process. Only a few percentage of the population dares to start such adventurous journey in their life. If you continue searching desperately to make extra money, you can do it.

The world of internet is wide. Beware of cheaters and scammers. There are a lot of bad people whose prime intention is to cheat you somehow. Do not believe anybody who tells you to invest money or transfer your money to their account. Always keep away from such people. There is no scarcity for such people in the real world as well as online world. If you believe or associate with such bad people, you will be desperate instead of making money.

Good luck to your adventurous journey in money making!

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